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Do you need a tree cut in New Jersey? With the most up-to-date tree-cutting tools, the highest industry standards, and excellent customer service, B & O LANDSCAPING & TREE SERVICE is a fully insured tree-cutting service in NJ that has been in business for more than ten years. The NJ tree-cutting specialists at B & O LANDSCAPING & TREE SERVICE will inspect the tree branches on your property to make sure they are sound and secure. Our tree-cutting specialists will remove the branch from any huge trees that have broken branches that are in danger of falling to minimize any potential damage. This will stop the branches from hurting nearby houses and other buildings, as well as any nearby pedestrians.


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Your home or place of business could be in grave danger if tree branches crack or break due to strong winds, storms, tree disease, or aging.  B & O LANDSCAPING & TREE SERVICE NJ tree cutting service helps to avoid responsibility from falling tree branches or injury on your property. We can safely remove any threatening tree branches from your property. We effectively identify hazardous branches and cut them off to provide peace of mind without endangering the tree. Our NJ tree cutting service ensures your safety while preserving the tree’s lovely visual appeal for your house or place of business.

Our aim at B & O LANDSCAPING & TREE SERVICE is to complete the task successfully and to your satisfaction. Our tree cutting specialists make a strong effort to keep you within the budget and time limit. For many years, we have offered a tree cutting service, and we would be delighted to assist you with any tree cutting requirements.

You can reach B & O LANDSCAPING & TREE SERVICE at (732) 763-6830 for additional details about tree removal in New Jersey.

You can count on B & O LANDSCAPING & TREE SERVICE to safely remove trees in NJ.