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Are you trying to find stump grinding in Somerset, NJ, or nearby areas? With the newest stump grinding and removal tools, the highest industry standards, and excellent customer service, B & O LANDSCAPING & TREE SERVICE is a fully insured stump grinding business in NJ that has been in business for ten years. B & O LANDSCAPING & TREE SERVICE has the technical know-how to handle these and many more tree services safely and effectively, even if you still have a tree stump on your property from the previous tree removal. We provide you with great results for stump grinding on your property and stand by the work we do.


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Why Pick Us for Stump Grinding?

The safest and most effective technique to get rid of any danger that your tree stump can pose is to grind it. Since no chemicals or pesticides are used, stump grindings are regarded as “green.” Stump grinding can be useful for:

  • By reducing waste and stopping soil erosion, stump grinding also benefits the environment.
  • Our assistance will lessen any harm your tree stump may have done to the surrounding region, including the grass.
  • By removing roots and slowing down the decomposition of organic matter on top of the soil surface, stump grinding is also an effective method for preventing erosion.

Our aim at B & O LANDSCAPING & TREE SERVICE is to complete the task successfully. Our stump grinding specialists make a concerted effort to keep you within the budget and time constraints. For many years, we have offered a stump grinding and removal service, and we would be delighted to assist you with your needs.

For more information on stump grinding in Somerset, New Jersey, and nearby areas, call B & O LANDSCAPING & TREE SERVICE at (732) 763-6830.